Decision on the formal implementation of the invitation code system (英文)

After the administrator meeting of the community decided that in order to allocate server resources reasonably and effectively and arrange the registration of members scientifically, the community officially began to implement the invitation code system. Please cooperate actively!

  • what is the invitation code registration system?

Community when new members register, they will be required to fill in a valid invitation code. If they do not have a valid invitation code or fill in an error, they will not be given registration. If they have the correct invitation code, they will register successfully!

  • how will I get the invitation code?

As a non-profit community, we prohibit the sale of invitation codes in any form! At present, in order to prevent the abuse of invitation codes, we will not disclose some invitation codes on this page. You can leave your correct email address or send an email to [email protected], on this page. We will invite you to join us by email from time to time according to the relevant community situation! Don't forget to follow your email at any time。

I hope you can actively cooperate with the above decision and contribute your efforts to create a better community sharing environment! Thank you for your cooperation!

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