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ShengTeng Comunity {hereafter referred to as 社区_} is a modern, international, non-profit community that is not affiliated with any country, company, institution or organization. The community aims to create and develop an open and harmonious MSkey sharing platform, and stipulates that all actions of registered members will be voluntary and non-profit, and they agree to assume corresponding responsibilities. In order to protect the content shared or created by users and maintain a good community atmosphere, the _community team, the authorized administrators and moderators of the community will strictly follow the following community standard rules for community management. The measures taken include but are not limited to changing or deleting the content posted by the user, suspending or terminating the user's right to browse _Community_.

Chapter 1: Violation of laws and regulations

1. The community first strictly abides by the People’s Republic of ChinaInternet Information Service Management Measures , and the content posted by members must not violate Constitution of the People’s Republic of China content and spirit, while adhering to a harmonious, open, tolerant attitude and respect for people from all regions of the world The constitutional laws or administrative regulations of the country or region where it is located. And take the above content as the basic guidelines for community operation.

2 . We eliminate and resolutely investigate and punish the following behaviors:

Article 1   Oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution;

Article 2   Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

Article 3   Damage to national honor and interests;

Article 4  Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;

Article 5: Insults, abuses the image of heroes, denies the deeds of heroes, and beautifies the acts of aggressive warfare;

Article 6   Undermining the state's religious policy, promoting cults and feudal superstition;

Article 7: Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and undermining social stability;

Article 8   Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigating crime;

Article 9  Inciting illegal assemblies, associations, processions, demonstrations, gathering crowds to disrupt social order;

Article 10  Insult or slander others and infringe their lawful rights and interests;

Article 11: Containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;

If we find the above violations, we will give maximum warning and punishment. In serious cases, we will cooperate with the Chinese police in education and punishment. This does not mean that we will warn in advance.

Chapter 2: Publishing content specification
We respect the content contributed by all members of the community, but do not include or even prohibit the publication of obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime

1. We hope you get permission in advance when you share the results of others. The content in community is only individuals representing authors or sub-authors, and has nothing to do with _community_.
2. We put an end to all forms of (pictures, text, video, signatures, etc.) publishing improper unauthorized, illegal advertising. But we welcome friendly public service announcements.
3. We oppose the following behaviors and issue warnings and penalties. If necessary, we will seek help from relevant agencies:

Article 1   Contempt: belittle and despise others and the fruits of their labor;

Article 2   Defamation: fabricating and spreading false facts to damage the reputation of others;

Article 3: mocking: using metaphors, exaggerations, and insults to expose or describe others or their actions in order to provoke others;

Article 4  Provocation: To provoke others in an unfriendly way, with the intention of making the other party respond to their own remarks, deliberately creating trouble;

Article 5: Humiliation: to degrade the ability, behavior, physical or identity characteristics of another person to embarrass the other person;

Article 6: Abuse: Use uncivilized language to make negative comments on others;

Article 7: Discrimination: Attacks against the identity or classification of others' ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, geographic location, and physical characteristics;

Article 8: Threats: Promise to force others to obey their own will with bad consequences.

4. We prohibit commercialization of the MS keys shared by _社区_; we encourage the sharing of public MS keys, but we prohibit the release of MS keys obtained in any illegal form, and delete warnings if necessary Improper content posted.
Community upload or publish content, users should ensure that it is the copyright owner or has obtained legal authorization, and the content will not infringe the legal rights of any third party. If a third party raises an objection to copyright, Community has the right to delete the relevant content according to the actual situation, and has the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the user. The user shall be responsible for full compensation if any losses are caused to the _community or any third party.

Chapter 3: User's Rights and Obligations

1. Users should bear all consequences for all content posted by themselves in _社区_.
2. We grant and respect the rights of basic users to post, comment, etc., and create a personal homepage for users to access and correct users' personal information. The user can modify the avatar, signature and related settings within the legal scope. But be sure to ensure the accuracy of the basic required information! ! !
3. Users can modify their published content within a certain period of time.
4. We protect users' personal privacy settings.
5. Users should jointly create a healthy network environment, actively cooperate with the supervision and review of legitimate institutions and communities, and participate in relevant legal _community activities; at the same time, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and communities.
6._Community_ reserves the final release and modification rights of the content posted by users!
7. The user has all the content published on 社区_, indicating that the user has granted _社区 a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license for use, and 社区 has the right to use the content in _社区_Various forms of products and services (non-commercial), including but not limited to websites and published applications or other Internet products.
8. You have the right to cancel your Community_account without telling others. You can contact the administrator by posting in the community to request that _account be cancelled. We will provide you with account cancellation service after verifying your identity and clearing the assets in your account. Except for legal restrictions!

Chapter 3: Regarding the privacy of registered users
Please read carefully and fully understand the following before using our products and/or services. Once you use or continue to use community products/services, you agree that we will handle your related matters in accordance with this policy Information:

If you are a user in the mainland of the People's Republic of China, we will collect it in accordance with the "Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China", "Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Specification" (GB/T 35273-2017) and other relevant laws and regulations And use your personal information to provide you with community products and/or services. We usually only collect your personal information with your consent. In some cases, we may also collect personal information from you based on legal obligations or the fulfillment of a contract, or may require personal information to protect your important interests or the interests of others.

If you are a user in the United States, and you are under 13 years old, according to the requirements of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) , Please do not use this site!

1. When you register and log in to the Community account, you need to provide us with the following information: account name, avatar (if any) and email address. If you choose not to provide the necessary information to realize the core business function of 社区 or use some of the functions, we will not be able to provide you with the function
2. When browsing Community_, we will collect without notice the functional services that are conducive to the realization of the community: device information, such as device model, unique device identifier, operating system, resolution, telecom operator And other software and hardware information as well as the search keyword information you entered and the links you clicked, the content and comment information you browse and publish, the picture information you upload, your transaction information, the language you use, the date and time of the visit, and Your requested webpage record, operating system, software version number, login IP information, cookie. When you use a third-party account (WeChat, Weibo, GitHub, Twitter, etc.) to log in to _社区_, you can choose to authorize _社区 under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations to read and obtain your registration on the third-party platform, We may also collect your browser type for published and recorded public information (including nicknames and avatars) in order to provide you with the best solution for information display. Therefore, once you use our service, you are deemed to agree that we collect the above content within the legal scope
3. Unless we obtain your explicit consent, we will not disclose or transfer the personal information of any legitimate user to any institution, organization or individual.
Except the following conditions: Article 1   related to national security and national defense security;

Article 2   related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

Article 3   related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

Article 4   To protect your or other individuals’ life, property and other major legal rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain your consent;

Article 5   Your personal information disclosed to the public by yourself;

Article 6: Personal information collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.

Article 7   Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

4. We will try our best to ensure the security of any information you send to us, but please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious methods that may exist in the Internet industry, it is impossible to always guarantee 100% information Safety. You need to understand that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may have problems due to factors outside our control. In the unfortunate event of a personal information security incident, we will promptly notify you in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, and suggestions that you can independently prevent and reduce risks And remedial measures for you, and immediately activate the emergency plan, and strive to minimize the loss. We will promptly inform you about the incident by telephone, push notifications, etc. If it is difficult to inform users one by one, we will take a reasonable and effective way to make announcements. At the same time, we will also actively report the handling of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, and closely cooperate with the work of government agencies. You can make related requests, but for those who are unreasonably repeated, require excessive technical means (for example, the need to develop new systems or fundamentally change existing practices), bring risks to the legitimate rights and interests of others, or are very unrealistic (for example, involving backup We may refuse the request of information stored on the tape.
5. If you are a minor under the age of 18, before using our products and/or services, you should read this policy accompanied by your guardian and ensure that you have obtained your guardian’s consent Then use our services and provide us with your information. We will focus on protecting the personal information of minors in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Chapter 4: Promotion and removal of user groups

1. We guide by setting up different user groups, reward relevant users, and give them relevant additional rights.
2. We select advanced users through user voting, recommendations, etc., but the final decision is Community and the administrator
3. We have the right to promote or revoke the user group the user belongs to without notifying anyone. The final interpretation right is in _Community_!

Chapter 5: Report and Complaint

1. We welcome users to report and give relevant rights. We accept infringement reports that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises or individuals in the following circumstances, including but not limited to personal privacy, rumors and Defamation, commercial infringement:
Article 1  Involving personal privacy: The published content directly involves identity information, such as personal name, home address, ID number, work unit, private phone number, and other detailed personal privacy;

Article 2   rumors, slander: direct verbal abuse, insults, fictitious slander, malicious slander, etc. in the published content (including natural persons and enterprises);

Article 3  Commercial infringement: disclosure of business secrets of enterprises and other content that cannot be discussed publicly under the confidentiality agreement

4. In order to ensure that the problem can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner, please submit true, valid, complete and clear materials, otherwise the complaint will not be accepted:
The right holder has trademark rights, copyrights, and/or other ownership certificates that can exercise rights in accordance with the law for the suspected infringing content. The ownership certificates are usually business licenses or organization code certificates;
The identity certificate of the reporter, which can be an ID card or passport;
If the reporter is not the right holder, the reporter is requested to provide written authorization to report on behalf of the right holder.
3. If the content of the infringement report is not completely true, the reporter will bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom, and bear and compensate 社区 Anything caused by the processing of the relevant account based on the complainant’s notice Losses, including but not limited to Community losses arising from compensation to the respondent and Community reputation, goodwill damage, etc.
4. We have the right to send your report to the relevant legal rights and interests agency!

Chapter 6: Disclaimer!

1. The community cannot guarantee the correctness of the answers or comments posted by users.
2. The content posted by users in 社区 only expresses their personal position and views, and does not represent the position or views of 社区_. As the publisher of the content, you are responsible for the published content yourself. All disputes caused by the published content shall be borne by the publisher of the content for all legal and joint liabilities. _社区 does not bear any legal and joint liabilities.
3._Community_It does not guarantee that the network service will meet the user's requirements, nor that the network service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, security, and accuracy of the network service. For network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or reasons beyond the control of Community, _Community does not assume any responsibility!
4. The regulations may be subject to changes in accordance with the development of the Internet and relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents, or changes due to business development. We cannot guarantee the timeliness of this page, but we will keep you informed Notify you next time you visit Community_. If you do not agree with the changes made by the community to this policy, users have the right and should stop using _社区 immediately. If the user continues to use the Community_service, it shall be deemed that the user accepts the modification made by the _Community to the relevant terms of this policy.